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Why the Pacific Northwest's Rainy Season is Prime for Paving Stone Installation

When considering the addition of paving stones to beautify your driveway or patio areas, the rainy season of the Pacific Northwest may seem like an unlikely time to embark on such a project. The region, known for its lush landscapes and frequent rain showers, offers unique advantages for this task. Here's why the drizzly climate of the Portland and Vancouver, WA areas makes it a prime season for paving:

1. Addressing Drainage Issues:

The Pacific Northwest is no stranger to rain, and this prevalent weather pattern offers a valuable opportunity. When installing paving stones during the rainy season, homeowners can effectively observe where water tends to accumulate or flow. This firsthand knowledge allows for the design and installation of pavers that can direct water away from structures and prevent pooling, ensuring the longevity of the paved area. For this reason, it is important to hire a contractor familiar with design drainage systems.

2. Off-Season Pricing Benefits:

The peak seasons for paving typically fall in spring and summer. With the Pacific Northwest's rainy season, many local paving companies offer competitive prices or promotions to entice homeowners. This can result in substantial savings without sacrificing the quality or expertise of the work.

3. Ideal Soil Conditions for Paving:

Portland and Vancouver have a lot of clay in the soil, and when moistened by frequent rains, becomes more malleable and easier to work with. This pliability is particularly advantageous for excavation and leveling, both essential steps in the paving process. The increased efficiency of the process allows for less labor hours, saving you money on your new driveway or patio.

4. Enhanced Compaction for a Lasting Surface:

The rain-soaked grounds of the Pacific Northwest, combined with the inherent properties of its soil, allow for superior compaction. A well-compacted foundation is vital to ensure paving stones remain steady and even for years to come, providing homeowners with a reliable and aesthetically pleasing surface.


While it might be tempting to wait for the warmth of spring or the clear skies of summer, winter offers unique advantages for paving stone installation. From economic benefits to the practical aspects of the installation, winter is the hidden gem of paving seasons. If you're looking to add to the beauty of curb appeal with a new driveway, or add outdoor living space to your backyard, consider seizing the rainy opportunity that winter provides!

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