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Why Pavers (Paving Stones) are the Best Hardscape in Portland

  1. Strength- Paving stones are 3-4 times stronger than the next closest option. Most concrete pads are 3,500 PSI. Paving stones installed by Quality Paving are at least 12,000 PSI.

  2. Beauty- Looks are a critical part of any patio or driveway. Paving Stones offer multiple options for color, texture, pattern and border. These options range from modern to rustic and everything in between. You can see many of these options at

  3. Long-lasting, when paving stones are installed correctly they can last as long as your house. Pavers of today are made to mimic those used in the ancient world for thousands of years. Compare this to asphalt, or modern concrete where you can expect a short 5 to 10 years of life.

  4. Permeability, a correctly designed patio or driveway can allow proper control and distribution of rain water. With all of the rain we experience in the Portland area it is important to make sure it is going in a good place. The best place for water to go is between the seams of the pavers, then into the sand and gravel layer beneath which then gets absorbed into the ground. Thus, re-contributing to the ground water table.

  5. ROI (Return on Investment), Did you know patios are one of the top rated remodeling projects for return on your dollar. When you consider the beauty and strength of a paver driveway or patio you can assume a good return on your dollar. Check out some of our before and after pictures for examples.

  6. Be Unique, after all this is Portland. Why have a driveway that looks just like everyone else's? Of course, having the flashiest driveway on the block may not be the best idea either. So, use paving stones to individualize your curb appeal and to match with the style of your home without “overdoing it”.

  7. Maintenance friendly, a properly installed paver system will not only last for many decades, but will also require the least amount of maintenance compared to other options. The rain and heat in the Pacific Northwest does a number on wood decks, and composite decks can grow moss and get slippery. Stamped concrete and asphalt require constant sealing. Thanks to the non-toxic iron oxides used for coloring, moss growth isn’t a problem with pavers. Also, when we apply a sealer or polysand the joints between pavers turn to a hard grout-like finish. Most other options require yearly maintenance, however pavers require a simple touchup every 5 to 7 years.

  8. Cost, while more expensive upfront, paving stones will look better and last longer than any of their counterparts. This leads to a great investment because you only need to do it one time.

  9. Repairs, due to the expansive soil, tree roots and soggy winters, hardscapes sometimes require repairs. With paving stones we can address the problem by removing individual pavers. Fixing the base layers down below, and reinstalling the same pavers.

  10. Green, because of the many features above. You can see how pavers are the greenest of options for a driveway, patio or walkway. Because they last a long time, allow for permeability and do not require any harsh stains or colorants they are the most environmentally friendly.

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